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If you are interested in adopting or rescuing any iguana, please make sure you learn as much as possible about the proper care they require. Even experienced iguana owners can learn more and we urge all iguana owners to continue learning more. We strongly urge you to read the information on the following pages before you consider adopting or rescuing any iguana....

The iguanas available for adoption or rescue are listed on our adoption board. The Green Iguana Society is not a shelter. We are solely a group of on-line volunteers. We do not personally take in iguanas as a part of our affiliation with GIS. We do not have a veterinarian on our team. We have no regular source of income, and cannot assist individuals or organizations with any of their expenses. All iguanas listed are in the care of either their current owners or a temporary foster parent. All iguanas require an adoption application to be filled out and submitted to us. We will forward your completed application to the owner/caretaker of the iguana you are interested in. Some owners have asked us to screen potential adopters, for which we will forward completed applications along with our comments, thoughts, and suggestions, based on the answers provided in the application. The Green Iguana Society would like to thank you for helping us find homes for these iguanas.

NOTE ON SHIPPING IGUANAS: Shipping iguanas has become extremely difficult and the Green Iguana Society highly recommends that people adopt an iguana that is within driving distance.

NOTE ON OWNING MULTIPLE IGUANAS: Please be aware that iguanas are generally solitary animals that do best in captivity if they are housed separately. Mature males cannot be kept together. If you already have an iguana and would like to adopt another, please be sure you have separate housing available for each iguana and are prepared to keep them separated if necessary.

If you are looking to list an iguana on the adoption board, please visit our List an Iguana page for more information.

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