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The Green Iguana Society requires that you completely fill out the adoption application below and answer the questions as thoroughly as possible. Please provide as many details as possible. The more information you provide, the better. The iguana's owner will make judgements based on the information you provide. We don't expect perfect answers, but if you do not supply enough information, chances are that many iguana owners may not believe that you will provide a good home for their iguana. We will forward your application to the owner/caretaker of the iguana you are interested in adopting. Some owners/caretakes have asked us to screen potential adopters, in which we will forward your application to them along with our comments, thoughts, and suggestions, based on your answers. This application is only the beginning in the adoption process and we have recommended to the iguana's owner to learn even more about you and the care you intend to provide. By completing the application, you are stating that all the information is true and accurate, and the details on how you intend to care for the iguana are your promised intentions. Thank you.

Please read the following information before you submit the application:

  • If you are planning to adopt an iguana from our adoption list, please select only one iguana. If an adoption for a particular iguana does not take place or you would like to adopt another iguana later on, you may select another iguana with another application. We are simply asking that you focus on one particular iguana and its owner at any given time.

  • You may select more than one if you are interested in two iguanas that are listed together and the owner would like to find a home for them together. Only one application is necessary for cases such as these.

  • Please be aware that iguanas are generally solitary animals that do best in captivity if they are housed separately. Mature males cannot be kept together. If you already have an iguana and would like to adopt another, please be sure you have separate housing available for each iguana and are prepared to keep them separated if necessary.

  • If you are interested in an iguana that needs to be shipped or transported a great distance, please make sure the shipping information for that iguana states that it may be shipped. If you do live a great distance from an iguana that can not be shipped, you must include details on how you plan to obtain this iguana. The Green Iguana Society does not advocate shipping.

  • Some of the iguanas listed on the adoption board have been listed for many months or even years. The Green Iguana Society checks with the owners of the iguanas listed on our adoption board about every 4-6 months and asks for an update on their iguana's status. If we do not receive a reply from the owner, cannot reach the owner, or are told by the owner that the iguana is no longer avaiable, the iguana will be removed from the board. In between these follow-ups, we rely on the owners to let us know when their iguana is no longer available. As a potential adopter, please be aware that the iguana you are interested in may no longer be available, but know that the adoption board is periodically updated. You can help us keep our adoption board updated by contacting us at anything(at)greenigsociety(dot)org if you adopt an iguana from our board, or if you receive an indication from an owner that an iguana is unavailable.

  • Please note that the Green Iguana Society will not accept adoption applications submitted by anyone under the age of 18. Anyone under 18 who wishes to adopt an iguana through us must have a parent or guardian fill out and submit the application. This is for the protection of both the iguana (to be sure it goes to a good home where parents/guardians are aware of and involved in the adoption decision) and the adopter, who will be submitting personal information. To protect children under 18, we will not forward under-age applications to iguana owners. The Green Iguana Society is not responsible for keeping confidential any personal information given out under false pretenses by anyone under the age of 18.

  • Disclaimer: The Green Iguana Society retains the right to decline to forward any submitted adoption application. Reasons for doing so include but are not limited to an incomplete application, an application with suspicious information, an application that indicates a lack of knowledge regarding iguana care, or an application submitted by an underage applicant.

  • How long will it take for your application to be sent to the iguana's owner? Because the members of the Green Iguana Society are all volunteers, we are not always able to address every adoption application immediately upon receipt. Please allow a week for your adoption application to be forwarded. You should receive an email from the Green Iguana Society stating that your application has been forwarded. Thank you for your patience!

Which iguana are you interested in adopting?
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Please note: Items noted with * are required fields. All other fields in this form are not required, but if you are serious about adopting an iguana and want the owner to seriously consider you, please give us as much information as possible. The Green Iguana Society will not share your information with anyone but the owner of the iguana you are interested in adopting.

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Why do you want to adopt this iguana?

Do you live in a house, apartment or other? Please provide as many details as possible.

How long are you planning on staying at your current residence?

How many people will be living in the same home with your iguana?

Do you plan on keeping this iguana for the rest of its life?
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How many Green Iguanas do you currently own?

If you own at least one iguana, please answer the following four questions...

    How long have you owned the iguana(s)?

    What are their names and ages?

    Please describe the care you provide for your iguana(s). Please give us as many details as possible, including food, habitat, vet care, handling, and any other special care.

    How do you plan to house the iguana you are interested in with your other iguana(s) in the same home. Please give us as many details as possible, including information about individual habitats, feeding & handling schedules, how you'll plan to care for them if problems with your other iguana(s) occur, etc.
Other than any iguanas you currently own, how many Green Iguanas have you owned in the past?

If you have owned at least one iguana in the past, please answer the following two questions with as many details as possible....

    What exactly happened to them? (died, adopted by someone else, etc.)

    Please provide any additional information about your previous iguanas.
Do you own any other companion animals?
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If yes, please list them here.

If you do own other companion animals, what are your plans on keeping them in the same home with your new iguana?

Do you feel you are knowledgeable about and up to date on iguana care issues?
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If yes, please tell us why you feel this way.

What books about iguana care do you own?

What is the name of the herp vet you intend on taking this iguana to? Please include address, phone number, and any other details.

How often do you intend on taking this iguana to the vet?

Do you feel that you are financially capable of properly caring for this iguana?
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Are you willing to travel to the iguana's current home and meet its current owner(s)?
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If the iguana's owner is willing to ship the iguana, are you willing to pay for all or part of the shipping costs?
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Please note: Shipping has become extremely difficult and the Green Iguana Society highly recommends that people adopt an iguana that is within driving distance.

What type of habitat, enclosure or cage do plan on providing for this iguana? Please describe in detail, including size, lighting, heating, humidity, accessories, etc.

Describe in detail the diet you plan on feeding this iguana.

How much time per day do you plan to spend caring for your iguana. This includes daily handling, food preparation, feeding, habitat maintenance, cleaning, etc.

Are you capable of or had experience with an aggressive iguana?
Yes No
If yes, please give details.

Will any small children be around this iguana?
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If yes, are you capable of providing a clean and safe environment for both?
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Do you plan on breeding this iguana?
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If some unforeseeable reason arises and you need to find a new home for this iguana, do you agree that you will contact us, so we can help you place it in a new home?
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Will you be willing to send us updates on the care and continued life of your new iguana?
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