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General Reptile Supplies:

Bean Farm

Big Apple Herpetological Supply

David Blair's Critter Corner

Carolina Pet Supply

Custom Wood Reptile Cage Company

Drs. Foster & Smith

Eco Terrarium Supply: Naturalistic terrarium decorations

Everything Reptile Supply

Pet Supplies at

LLLReptile & Supply Company, Inc.

PetsMart Online

Pondside Herp Supply

Reptile Depot

Reptile Direct

Reptile UV - A great place to buy mercury-vapor UVB bulbs.

That Pet Place


Specialty Items:

Best Care Pet Catalog (Omaha Vaccine Company) - Here's the place to order CHLORHEXIDINE SOLUTION (a disinfectant used in place of Nolvasan, a pricier name brand disinfectant) and provoiodine disinfectant solution. Click on the link here to reach their home page, and then click on DISINFECTANTS.

Ig Gear - This unique web site offers Ig Grips arm/wrist protectors for those with large iguanas who regularly get their arms shredded by sharp claws while handling their iguanas. Ig Gear also sells a “love doll” for iguanas in breeding season.

Lulu USA: Parts and Electronics - This company has a nice selection of power inverters to use in the car to keep a heating pad warm for trips. Use their site search engine to find the inverters.

Solartech, Inc. - Here's where you can get a Solarmeter to test the UV output of your UV bulbs.

Quack's Iguana Repellent - for those who have a feral iguana problem and need to keep these guys out of their yards.

Just For Fun:

Blue Iguana Recovery Program Cafe Press - Offer a wide variety of cute blue iguana-themed merchandise. Proceeds go toward recovery programs for the endangered Grand Caymen Blue Iguanas. Online Catalog and Store - all sorts of fun iguana/lizard jewelry and merchandise here!

Kritters In The Mailbox Animal Gifts and Merchandise - lots of fun iguana stuff here, including t-shirts, figurines, stuffed animals, and more.

PanamArts - This company sells beautiful iguana carvings made of Tagua. Tagua is also known as "vegetable ivory". It grows from a palm and is harvested without damage to the palm. These carvings are made by native american Panamanian tribes. Each carving is unique, and the carvings offered for sale vary over time. On the store page, click the link for Tagua Nut+ on the left side of the screen to view the available carvings.

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