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We are very interested in hearing from you with any suggestions, comments or questions you may have regarding iguanas, iguana care or our website. Please note, however, that the Green Iguana Society is a volunteer organization. We have no central location. The Green Iguana Society Team members are located throughout the United States and volunteer their time and services online. Together with the high amount of traffic to the web site, this means that we are not able to respond to large amounts of email correspondence. Please address all general care and iguana questions to our message board. For other correspondence, please send email to the addresses below. Please note that general questions that come in to these email addresses will not be answered. Also note that you may not receive an immediate response. While we do try to respond to email within a few days, we are not always able to do so. We thank you very much for your patience and understanding. We will try to respond as soon as possible. We ask that you put something in the subject line of your email to let us know what the topic of your message is. Emails received with no subject line are often assumed to be spam and may be ignored.

The easiest and quickest way to contact us is by visiting the Green Iguana Society message board. All general care questions, comments or other information regarding iguanas should be directed here. Questions will usually be answered by a team member or other iguana owner.

Green Iguana Society Message Board

If you have information regarding adoptions and rescues, vets and vet clinics, or anything regarding the website (suggestions, broken links, etc.), you can email us at anything(at)greenigsociety(dot)org. Please note that we do not have a veterinarian on the Green Iguana Society Team. Also please note that general iguana or iguana care questions sent to this email address will not be answered. These types of inquiries should be directed to the message board.

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