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The information and suggestions given on this website are the opinions and suggestions of the members of the Green Iguana Society team. While the information we offer has been thoroughly researched, it is intended to be general guidelines for proper iguana care and should not replace information and advice from a qualified veterinarian that has experience in iguana care. One of our goals is to help iguana owners care for their pets better than they may be able to with advice from inexperienced people, outdated care books, and other sources of misinformation that may be available. Books, internet sites, products and other things we recommend are products and information that the members of the Green Iguana Society team, as iguana owners, have personally liked and used, or have heard positive things about from other iguana owners. Be aware that all of the recommended products must be used properly and according to their directions. The Green Iguana Society is not responsible if any losses are acquired during the use of these products. As always, The Green Iguana Society urges all iguana owners to do their own research and make their own decisions on how to properly care for their iguanas.

Please also note that the Green Iguana Society is not a shelter. We are solely a group of on-line volunteers. We do not personally take in iguanas as a part of our affiliation with GIS. We do not have a veterinarian on our team. We have no regular source of income, and cannot assist individuals or organizations with any of their expenses.

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