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Most custom-built habitats are different and since there are so many different designs and ideas, we've decided to show you different habitats on this page, to give you some ideas on how to build your own. These habitats range from inexpensive to very expensive. Some of these habitats are listed with links to web sites that have more details, as well as step by step instructions on how to build them. Others have e-mail links to the people that own or built them. If you have a unique, custom-built habitat that you would like us to show here, please feel free to email us with decriptions and a photo and we may include it on this page.

This habitat was built by Deena (Spielman) Hergert for her iguanas Jake and Donnie. Please see our Example Habitat Instructions page for more detailed photos and instructions on how this habitat was built.

This enclosure was built by Cat Rigby. Notice its very large size (see the small iguana climbing on the door?).

For details about this cage and how to build it, visit Cat's website,
The House of Galahad.

These habitats were custom-built by Keith Van Zile. Keith builds and sells enclosures of various designs. The habitat on the left has some solid walls that helps hold in heat, while the cage door and sides allow for adequate ventilation. The habitat pictured on the right can be purchased and assembled quite easily.

For more information on these habitats, please visit Keith's website,, to view more of his habitats, get some construction advice, and even buy a custom-built cage at a very decent price.

Photo of Willy's habitat by Simone.

Photo of Bubbette's habitat by Darry Conner.

"Our iguana habitat - we started with a simple rabbit hutch that we bought at the farm and home store... just a wood frame with wire attached. We discarded the wire first. Now it is made mostly of 1/4" glass and cherry oak stained wood. It has a humidifier built in along with a fountain for fresh drinking water. And it also has three levels right now with carpeted ramps for easy running. I also added hanging plants, not for his consumption (only because he can't reach then yet), but just for his serenity. All we need to do is add some more branches for him to climb on to get closer to the UV lights and we will be done. Another good thing is that we can build onto the top as he grows."
- Liz Wright.

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