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If you have found yourself at this page, you are most likely considering finding a new home for your iguana. There are several ways you can go about doing so, including listing your iguana on our adoption board, which is discussed in more detail below. In addition to listing your iguana with us, you may want to consider placing an ad in your local paper, asking your area vets and pet stores if you can post information about your iguana in their places of business, and checking with your local herpetological society.

You may also want to contact any iguana or reptile rescues in your area to see if they can accept your iguana or have other suggestions for you. For help locating a rescue near you, see our Other Adoptions and Rescues page. However, it is important to be aware that there have been increasing reports of illegal and/or unethical practices among wildlife/reptile rehabilitation and rescue facilities. Investigations have uncovered practices such as illegal shipment of animals, the selling of donated or rescued animals at reptile fairs, swap meets and other such venues, and the use of donation money for personal expenses rather than for the care of animals. It is imperative that anyone considering giving up an iguana to a shelter, rescue or rehab center thoroughly investigates the facility or organization in question before giving up the iguana. In addition, if shipping of the iguana is involved (a practice that the Green Iguana Society discourages), do not take the word of the rescue or rehab personnel regarding proper shipping procedure. Check with the US Postal Service or the shipper in question before shipping (or receiving) any reptile.

Below is a form to list an iguana for adoption on the Green Iguana Society Adoption Board. After we receive your completed form, we will list your iguana on our adoption board. Please give us as much information as possible, including any specific information you would like listed on our adoption board. Please be aware that iguanas listed with much more information about them are far more likely to attract potential adopters. Brief answers and vague information about the iguana are acceptable, but answers with descriptive details will be far more beneficial to both you and the potential adopters. We will quote most of the information you provide, and we may edit it with spelling, punctuation, and grammar corrections. We also highly recommend that you read our Adoption Guide for Owners for questions you can ask someone that may be interested in adopting your iguana. If you have multiple iguanas, please fill out a form for each one. We would also like to display photos of the iguanas we are listing. A good photo definitely attracts more potential adopters, so if you have a photo, please email it to us at anything(at)greenigsociety(dot)org. In addition, we ask that you help us keep our adoption board updated by emailing us if your iguana's adoption status changes in any way.

How long will it take for your iguana's information to appear on the adoption board? Because the members of the Green Iguana Society are all volunteers, we are not always able to address every List An Iguana Form immediately upon receipt. Please allow a week for your iguana's information to appear on our adoption board. Thank you for your patience!

Please note: Once your iguana has been listed on our adoption board, it is your responsibility to inform us when your iguana is adopted or is no longer needed to be listed. Some iguanas are adopted very quickly, while others may take a very long time to find a home. We will try to keep in touch with you, asking if your iguana is still looking for a home. If we can not contact you by e-mail or receive no response from our inquiries, we will remove your iguana from our adoption board.

THERE IS A 6-MONTH LISTING LIMIT! If we do not receive instructions from you to remove your iguana from our adoption board, it will remain on the board for a 6-month period. After that, your iguana will be removed from the board. This helps us keep the board updated. If, after the 6-month time period has gone by, you want us to keep your iguana listed on our adoption board, it is your responsibility to contact us and make this request. If you iguana has already been removed, you will need to fill out the listing form again to have it put back on the adoption board.

Information about you
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Would you like us to screen potential adopters?
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Please note: If the owner/caretaker of the iguana(s) being listed for adoption prefers that the Green Iguana Society screen potential adopters, we will forward to the owner any completed adoption applications we receive, along with our comments, thoughts and suggestions. If the owner prefers that we do not screen potential adopters, we will simply forward any adoption applications we receive, without comments. It is imperative that owners/caretakers of iguanas listed on the Green Iguana Society adoption board understand and recognize that the Green Iguana Society is in no way responsible for placing iguanas in appropriate homes. We are not a shelter and we do not make visits to the homes of potential adopters. While we can offer our recommendations regarding potential adopters, based on the information we receive, we will not be held responsible for any unsuccessful adoptions that may take place through our adoption board. The owner/caretakers of listed iguanas are solely responsible for making the final decision regarding any potential adopter. We strongly recommend that owners meet potential adopters in person in order to interview them and inspect their facilities before relinquishing their iguana(s).
I understand and agree that as the owner/caretaker of this iguana being listed for adoption, I am solely responsible for placing the iguana in a good home. *
Yes, so please list my iguana on your adoption board.
No, so do not list my iguana on your adoption board.

Information about the iguana
Please provide as many details as possible. The more information you provide, the more likely someone will seriously consider adopting your iguana.

Name of iguana:

Age of iguana and/or year acquired:

Size of the iguana -
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Reason for needing a new home:

Describe veterinary care received, as well as known health problems:

Describe the diet that has been fed:

Describe the living conditions and habitat of the iguana:

Describe the temperament (calm, aggressive, shy, etc.):

How much has the iguana been handled?

Is your iguana house-broken?
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Anything included with iguana? (cage or tank, dishes, perches, etc.)
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Would you be willing to ship your iguana?
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Please note:
Shipping has become extremely difficult and can be dangerous for the iguana. For these reasons, the Green Iguana Society highly recommends that people adopt an iguana that is within driving distance.
If yes, would you be willing to pay for shipping?
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Other information?

The information, facts and photos of the iguanas we list on our web site and our adoption board have been provided by their owners/caretakers. By publishing this information and these facts and photos on our web site and adoption board, the Green Iguana Society reserves the right to continue to publish this copyrighted information and these facts and photos, as well as any additional information provided by the iguana's new owner(s).

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