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Here is a list of other sites that post and/or foster iguanas that are in need of adoption or rescue. We are listing these here for two reasons: to help folks looking to adopt an iguana and to help folks looking for a rescue or shelter that will take in their iguana. Please keep in mind that most reptile rescues are overwhelmed with unwanted pets. Many have limits to the number of animals they can accept. If you are looking to obtain an iguana, please check out your area rescues first. They are always in need of responsible people willing to provide good, adoptive homes. If you are looking for someone to accept your iguana, please consider keeping it in your home and caring for it as long as you can while trying to place it in an adoptive home. Leaving your iguana at a reptile rescue should only be done as a last resort.

There are many different rescue and adoption organizations out there. Some of these rescues are small in-home rescues run by individuals in their spare time, and by listing them, we are not recommending them or vouching for the quality of care they provide. We are simply trying to help people locate needy iguanas and reptile rescues/foster homes in their area. Before you adopt from a rescue or leave your iguana at a foster home/rescue, please be sure you visit the rescue or foster home in person, inspect the iguana(s) and their enclosures, and gather information about how they're cared for. Careful screening of foster homes and rescues will ensure that you are able to adopt a healthy animal or leave your iguana in good hands.

Please Note: There have been increasing reports of illegal and/or unethical practices among wildlife/reptile rehabilitation and rescue facilities. Investigations have uncovered practices such as illegal shipment of animals, the selling of donated or rescued animals at reptile fairs, swap meets and other such venues, and the use of donation money for personal expenses rather than for the care of animals. It is imperative that anyone considering giving up an iguana to a shelter, rescue or rehab center thoroughly investigates the facility or organization in question before giving up the iguana. In addition, if shipping of the iguana is involved (a practice that the Green Iguana Society discourages), do not take the word of the rescue or rehab personnel regarding proper shipping procedure. Check with the US Postal Service or the shipper in question before shipping (or receiving) any reptile.

If you cannot find a rescue in your area here, please visit Herp Societies, Reptile Vets and Rescue Groups by Melissa Kaplan. This page lists many rescue groups throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Along with links and addresses of various rescue groups, she has a fantastic list of herp societies. Herp societies can be helpful in finding homes for needy iguanas. There's also some good information on why people end up getting rid of their iguanas.

If you know of any other adoption and rescue organizations that you feel should be listed here, please contact us at anything(at)greenigsociety(dot)org.

Northeast - Southeast - North Central - South Central - Northwest - Southwest
Alaska - Canada - Rescues Outside U.S. and Canada


Arrowhead Reptile Rescue - A.R.R.O.W.H.E.A.D. is the Amphibian & Reptile Rescue Organization With Herpetological Education & Advancement Dedication. They are based near Cincinnati, OH. They usually have several iguanas that are in need of rescue.

Tails 'n' Scales Reptile Rescue of Ohio - A small reptile and exotic rescue that accepts iguanas and other nonvenomous reptiles as space allows. Veterinary care is readily available as I am employed as a veterinary assistant. Rescue, adoption and sanctuary services provided. Tawnya Adams -

Social Tees - Social Tees is a company based in New York, NY that specializes in custom screen printing of teeshirts, caps, bags, etc. with proceeds going to help support human rights groups and animal rescue.

Sean Casey Animal Rescue in Brooklyn, New York - This rescue specializes in exotics with a big emphasis on reptiles. They take in, successfully rehabilitate and place many green iguanas each year.

MARS Reptile & Amphibian Rescue - Located in Baltimore, MD.

Scales And Tails Rescue - Located in New Jersey, Scales And Tails Rescue is a registered corporation dedicated to helping rescue and place exotic animals.

Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary - Located in Lancaster County, PA, Forgotten Friend is a non-profit reptile rescue with supporting members from all over the tri-state area, and throughout the nation. In cooperation with various zoos, animal groups, and responsible reptile owners locally and nationally, they work to have caring, experienced homes lined up for every unwanted pet reptile whenever one is given up.

Rhode Island Iguana Center - Located in Saunderstwon, Rhode Island. "We take in iguanas, turtles, tortoises, frogs, toads, snakes and lizards to find them new homes. If they require veterinary care, they are treated and cared for until they are completely healthy. If they have any 'bad' habits, we work with the animals to get them socialized. We rely entirely on donations. We are currently looking for people who would like to help out with the rescue." Contact by phone at 401-440-0243 or by email at, or visit their listing.

The New England Amphibian & Reptile Rescue (NEARR) - Operating out of central Maine. "Our purpose is the rescue, rehabilitation & adoption of abandoned, abused & unwanted reptiles, as well as education of the general public. We also do reptile removal as needed." For more information, visit their website or email at


Triangle Iguana Rescue - Triangle Iguana Rescue primarily serves areas within North North Carolina, although they have a few affiliates in surrounding states. Their main focus is education. "We strive to equip iguana owners with information to enable them to learn how to properly care for their iguanas. We also provide adoption and limited rehabilitation/rescue services. There are far more iguanas needing placement than we can ever take, as they are housed in individual foster homes rather than a shelter. Numerous iguanas have been on the waiting list for a foster home for over 6 months. Many times, we are able to offer advice on husbandry practices that make it possible for the iguana to stay in the home and once again become a member of the family. For those that we are able to take, we ask that they come to us with their current habitat and accessories as well as a give-up donation to help offset veterinary and additional equipment expenses."

Iguana FIRST - Iguana FIRST is an incorporated Foundation for Iguana Rescue, Safety and Training. They are associated with Triangle Iguana Rescue (see above) but are located in Virgina Beach, VA.

Southern Florida Corucia Research Center (SFCRC) - In addition to the conservation, propagation, and research of Corucia zebrata, the SFCRC also rescues many released or escaped green iguanas. They are located west of West Palm Beach. Contact Brian Schnirel at for more information.

Private Iguana Rescue: Fort White, FL - This small, private rescue accepts both male and female iguanas, but needs advanced notice before accepting males so that new, individual enclosures can be built for each. For more information, contact Cathy Smith at (386) 454-8012.

Reptile Salvation - Located in Northeast Georgia, Reptile Salvation is "dedicated to the welfare, rescue, relocation, and education of reptiles and small animals." Visit their web site or contact them at for more information.

The Kentucky Bird and Reptile Sanctuary, Inc. - Located in Vine Grove, KY. "We provide food, shelter, and sanctuary to many kinds of birds, reptiles, mammals, arachnids, insects, and aquatic animals and give them a healthier, happier, and enrichment filled life. We take in unwanted, unmanageable, and abandoned creatures that no one else wants or can't handle." Contact them at , or visit their website at for more information.

Jessica's Iguanas & Birds - Located in New Castle, VA, county of Craig. "Jessica's Iguanas & Birds provide services to iguanas & birds of all kind that have been mistreated or neglected or are simply just unwanted. We are nonlicensed & have no profits. Veterinary care is provided yearly & when needed. You may email us at"

North Central

Pocket Pets Animal Rescue - Located in Thomasboro, IL and serving all of Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, St. Louis, Missouri and some parts of IN. Pocket Pets Animal Rescue is an Exotic Pet Rescue specializing in sugar gliders, hedgehogs and chinchillas. They will also take other exotics when space is available, and they get a lot of green iguanas. For more information, visit their website or contact at

Reptile Rescuers - Reptile Rescuers is a group that provides adoption and rescue services for the Northern Illinios and Southern Wisconsin areas. They currently have several iguanas that are in need of adoption or rescue. All adoptions and rescues are completely FREE and confidential. Donations of equipment or resources are always welcome.

Animal Ark - A no-kill shelter serving the Twin Cities in Minnesota that has several iguanas in their area that are looking for good homes. Founded in 1977, Animal Ark exists to provide medical treatment, care and shelter to homeless and abandoned pets until each is placed in new, loving, adoptive homes. The organization adopts over 1,000 pets each year to loving, adoptive homes. Their animal shelter facility is located in suburban Hastings, Minnesota. Reptiles are provided care through their approved foster home program.

Mid Michigan Reptile Rescue & Rehabilitation - Based out of Bay City, MI. Their mission statement is "The rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption placement of abandoned, abused, and unwanted reptiles and exotics, as well as education of the general public. For more information, visit their web site or email at

Sleeping Dragon Reptile Rescue - West Bend, WI, (262) 483-0396

Got Snakes? - Serving Washtenaw and Livingston counties and the surrounding area in MI. "Got snakes is a non-profit organization dedicated to the adoption of reptiles, amphibians, fish, mammals, and birds." For more information, visit their web site, call 734-426-8840 or email at

Iguana Relocation Network - Serving the Twin Cities, MN and the surrounding area. "The Iguana Relocation Network is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was founded on March 19th, 2004. Unfortunately, many iguanas are abandoned daily, for numerous reasons. Often, many herp societies, iguana adoption and rescue groups are overwhelmed with the amount of iguanas that they become responsible for. This site was developed to allow these iguanas in foster homes to find suitable permanent homes as well as help owners relocate their iguanas, that for various reasons, are no longer welcome in their homes."

Whipstaff Ranch and Rescue - "We are a small, private all-species rescue in Northern Minnesota. We work with not just reptiles but every creature imaginable from cats to cavies, dogs to donkeys. We accept nonvenomous reptiles as space and resources allow." Visit their website or call 218-467-3309 for information.

Private Rescue run by Andrea Szewczyk - Located in Michigan. "I take in unwanted iggys and either place them in qualified homes or they become permanent residents if needed. I have applications and adoption paperwork that potential adopters fill out, then I check references. If I feel they are possible candidates for adoption they come for a visitation and interview." This rescue is listed on For more information, contact Andrea at 586-752-5210 or

South Central

Iguanas Have the Right to a Better Life - 25209 Giles Rd., Springfield, LA 70462, (225) 294-6963

Iggy Iguana Rescue and Bird Sanctuary - Located in Chillicothe, MO. The folks at this rescue have done everything from work with an aggressive 6ft male used to no human contact to syringe feed a 4 year old that was only two feet long and had MBD. When an iguana is adopted through the rescue, they do home visits and follow up visits to make sure of the type home the iguanas are given. For more information, email at or call at 660-707-5472.

Pets Are Us Rescue - A strictly volunteer-run, in-home foster system with main office located in Houston, TX, and satellites all over the U.S. and Canada. "Dedicated to the health and well being of reptiles, small animals, exotics & and other unwanted, dropped off or turned in animals. Founded in 1997, Pets Are Us Rescue has been saving many of the uncommon animals in the pet trade industry. Many of these animals are misunderstood or have grown bigger than expected (iguana's and snakes). We try to educate as much as possible are always available for care of these animals." For more information, email at or call at 832-427-1667.

Missouri Reptile Friends - Serving MO and the 4-state area. For more information, email at or call at 417-627-2277.



Colorado Reptile Humane Society - Located in Longmont, CO. "Colorado Reptile Humane Society works to improve the lives of reptiles and amphibians in captivity and in the wild through education and action. We accomplish our mission by: Providing shelter and proper husbandry while securing loving permanent homes for the animals entrusted to our care; Providing captive care education to the public; Participating in conservation efforts locally and internationally; and Engaging in rehabilitation and release of native species. Colorado Reptile Humane Society is licensed by the State of Colorado, Pet Animal Care Facilities Act, as an animal shelter."

OK Reptile Rescue - Located in Tulsa, OK. "Oklahoma Reptile Rescue specializes in Iguanas and large constrictors but will take any animal we have room for. We are located in Tulsa Oklahoma but there are a few members of the group that are willing to travel to the surrounding states and pick up your unwanted pet. We have an enclosure total of nearly 40, ranging in size from a 2 gal tank up to a massive walk in snake enclosure complete with a sliding door that would typically go on your house! We do not charge a surrender fee like many of the other rescues around and will gladly send you an update on your pet if they were sick, and are now healthy, or if they got adopted." For more information, email at or contact via Yahoo Messenger (German_shepherdz) or AOL IM (LoveShepherdz).

Las Cruces Reptile Rescue - 9323 Corona Rd., Las Cruces, NM 88012, (505) 373-1486

2nd Chance Reptiles - Serving San Joaquin County, Sacramento County, Amador County, and Calaveras County in CA.

Rescue The Reptiles - Located in AZ.

Leaping Lizard Rescue - "Reptile rescue and adoption, and venomous snake removal. The center is located in Sonoma, California primarily serving northern California, and surrounding areas. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit shelter dedicated mainly to the rescue of iguanas, birds and other reptiles. Animals are taken in, rehabilitated and then socialized to become adoptable. A local veterinarian offers free services to help access injured animals; while the executive director works one on one with animals to rebuild human trust. Local volunteers help with feedings and cleanings of animal cages and some socialization. Once animals are able to be adopted, a screening process is used on order to insure an adaptive fit for both animal and new owner. Please visit our our website for more information about the shelter or call Barbie Hoffman, executive director, at 707-939-8621."

Tri-Valley Animal Rescue - Located in Pleasanton, CA. "Tri-Valley Animal Rescue, Inc. (TVAR) is a nonprofit charitable organization run solely by volunteers dedicated to placing homeless animals. TVAR is the only authorized group for the East County Animal Shelter (ECAS, formerly known as the Santa Rita Animal Shelter). Through the commitment of our volunteers, TVAR works to ensure services such as: rescuing adoptable and/or treatable animals at risk at the ECAS and placing them in our foster program; providing volunteers at the ECAS by interfacing with the general public and helping with animal care; providing low cost spay/neuter programs; educating the public about spaying/neutering and responsible pet ownership; administering vaccinations to shelter animals; securing donations and contributions; and matching suitable, responsible new owners with the animals through adoption events."

National Reptile Foundation - Located in Fort Bragg, CA. "Our Mission: To help Humans, & Reptiles become intergrated into each others lives in healthy positive way for both parties ~ The Humans, & The Reptiles." For more information, visit their website or email at



Reptile Rescue - A Canadian based organization that has many iguanas that are in need of adoption or rescue.

In the Gecko - Based out of Ontario. The rescue will take in any unwanted reptiles and amphibians or help find new homes for them. Animals can picked up nearly anywhere within the Greater Toronto Area. For more information, visit their web site or email at

Ssafe Haven Society for Reptiles and Amphibians - The Ssafe Haven Society for Reptiles and Amphibians is a not-for-profit organization that provides rescue, shelter, and adoption services for reptiles and amphibians in the province of Nova Scotia, as well as offers support and training to reptile owners as required. For more information, visit their web site or call (902) 446-6944 after 6PM.

Rescues Outside U.S. and Canada

Pontefract Lizard Rescue - Located in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, England. Contact Lee at 01977 780656 or at

Reptile Rescue Den - Located in Hull, UK. This organization rescues all types of lizards and snakes and works with Pontefract Lizard Rescue. Their website contains 65 caresheets on different species. Contact at - Located in the Czech republic. They have rescued more than 25 iguanas and arrange adoptions for those in need of good homes.

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