1. Special kind of light that helps iguanas use calcium. ULTRAVIOLET
2. The kind of light that iguanas love the most. SUNLIGHT
3. A measure of the amount of water in the air. HUMIDITY
4. Another word for cage or enclosure. HABITAT
5. Covers the skin of all reptiles, including iguanas. SCALES
6. The mineral that helps grow strong healthy bones. CALCIUM
7. The good leafy vegetables that are great foods for iguanas. Mustard, collard, turnip and dandelion are all types of these. GREENS
8. Worms, ticks and mites. PARASITES
9. The flap of skin that lies under an iguana's chin. DEWLAP
10. The sharp things on iguana's feet that help them climb. CLAWS
11. The warmest spot in an iguana's habitat. BASKING SPOT
12. The material on the habitat floor. SUBSTRATE
13. What iguanas hatch out of when they're born. EGGS
14. Another term used to describe a pregnant iguana. GRAVID
15. Word that means "living in trees". ARBOREAL
16. The person your iguana should visit at least once a year to make sure it's healthy. VETERINARIAN
17. The vein inside of an iguana's claw. QUICK
18. The part of an iguana that can be broken off if the iguana is scared and trying to get away from a predator. TAIL
19. This is what happens when an iguana loses its skin. SHEDDING
20. Another word for iguana poop. FECES
21. Word that means "plant eating only". HERBIVORE
22. What SVL stands for. SNOUT VENT LENGTH
23. What STL stands for. SNOUT TAIL LENGTH
24. Where iguanas usually hang out in the wild. TREES
25. The name for an iguana's third eye. PARIETAL
26. A type of bacteria that is carried by some iguanas. SALMONELLA
27. The sharp things in an iguana's mouth used to rip and shred food. TEETH
28. The thing in an iguana's habitat that tells you what the temperature is. THERMOMETER
29. The part of the iguana where the poop comes out. VENT
30. The stuff that you may sprinkle on your iguana's food every few days. VITAMINS
31. What we call animals like iguanas and other reptiles who get their heat from their surroundings. COLD BLOODED
32. A Ca:P ratio of 2:1 is good for an iguana's diet. Ca stands for calcium. What does the P stand for? PHOSPHORUS
33. The abbreviation of metabolic bone disease, which is a very common sickness of iguanas. MBD