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The following are a few of the iguana related products that the Green Iguana Society recommends or approves. Be aware that all of these products must be used properly and according to their directions. The Green Iguana Society is not responsible if any losses are acquired during the use of these products. Please visit our Companies & Stores page for links to the best places to buy these products online.

ZooMed ReptiSun 5.0, ZooMed IguanaLight 5.0™ and , ZooMed IguanaLight 10.0™ - Fluorescent tube lights that provide the necessary UVB for healthy iguanas. They have been proven effective over time and are the UV source lights used by most people. These bulbs should be replaced every six months to a year, depending on the amount of direct sunlight your iguana gets. The bulbs may still be producing light, but the amount of UV light begins to decrease after six months.

ZooMed Basking Spot Lamp™ - A tighly focused spot basking lamp in various wattages. Effective and safe when used properly.

ZooMed Deluxe Analog Min/Max Thermometer™ - Records the highest and lowest temperatures in an enclosure in a 24 hour cycle. Very handy little gadget, very accurate.

ZooMed Precision Analog Thermometer and Humidity Gauge™ - A thermometer and humidity gauge in one. Looks sharp, is quite accurate and is fairly inexpensive.

ZooMed Arboreal Food Clip™ - This is a cheap, fun little product. You attach it to the side of the habitat and clip a leafy green into it. Most iguanas love tearing bits of greens off of it - it was a surprisingly big hit with my iguanas. Not much practical purpose, but safe and fun.

ZooMed Ceramic Heat Emitter™ - An excellent source of heat for day or night use, as it puts out only heat and no visible light. Works in a standard porcelain incandescent bulb socket and can be hooked up to a thermostat.

Mega-ray Mercury Vapor UVB/Heat Bulbs™ - Produced by Westron lighting/Mac Industries, these bulbs provide UVB and heat in one unit, and consistently produce higher amounts of UVB and show a lower UVB decay rate then other MV bulbs. In addition, externally-ballasted bulbs are available, which are more sturdy and longer-lived then internally-ballasted MV bulbs.

Solarmeter 6.2 Radiometer™ - Used for measuring UVB output of bulbs, a radiometer is an invenstment that will save you money over the long-run by allowing you to accurately measure the UVB output of your iguana's bulbs.

HerpCare Calcium Suppliment™ - HerpCare sells a powdered calcium suppliment that contains only Calcium Carbonate. It contains no D3 or phosphorus, which is ideal.

Rep-Cal Herptivite™ - All natural vitamin suppliment made by Rep-Cal. It was the first herp suppliment to be made with only beta carotene and not vitamin A, therefore preventing vitamin A toxicity. Also made with a natural sea vegetation base instead of with artificial fillers. I highly recommend this as a vitamin suppliment.

Rep-Cal Calcium without D3™ - Another excellent calcium suppliment, as long as you buy it without the D3!

Four Paws Reptile Clippers™ - Easily the best pair of manual clippers that I have used. They are small. with a little groove that the tip of the nail fits perfectly into, and the business end is very sharp for a clean cut. They do the trick nicely.

Henry Lizardlover's Nail Melter Tool™ - This nail melter works like a charm. It takes a bit of practice to learn how to melt the nails just right, but it's not hard. If used properly, it's quick and painless. It makes nail-trimming a lot less of a hassle and the nail ends are smoother than they tend to be after they are clipped with standard clippers. Unfortunately, Henry is currently putting a hold on the sale of the nail melter tool. However, hopefully he will make them available again soon.

Ig Gear - Ig Gear sells inovative products for iguana owners. They sell Ig Grips™, which are designed for wearing on your hands and forearms, protecting you from scratches while you hold your iguana. Ig Gear also sells Ig Mates™, which look to be a fantastic "toy" for an adult male iguana during breeding season.

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